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For Sponsors & CROs

Cliniverse Research - A Network of 300+ Independently Owned Clinical Sites

A wide range of sites and PIs allows for therapeutic and geographical diversity.

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How Can Cliniverse Help Sponsors and CROs?
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Accelerated Process

At Cliniverse Research, we understand that site selection is a challenging task. We simplify the process for sponsors and CROs by offering pre-vetted sites. These sites are chosen based on experience, patient demographics and other factors. Cliniverse Research negotiates a single budget and contract for several sites reducing administrative burdens and processing delays.


You will be communicating with a dedicated study manager who will handle multiple sites on your behalf, saving you valuable time.

Therapeutic and Geographical Diversity

Sometimes, sponsors prefer sites from various geographic locations to enhance their data’s diversity. We have a network of more than 350 clinical sites across the USA. This allows us to provide experienced sites from throughout the country.

Smart Budget and Contract Negotiations

Cliniverse Research will negotiate a single budget and contract with multiple sites, which greatly reduces communication delays and negotiation roadblocks. Additionally, access will be provided to a specialized study manager who will handle budgeting with multiple sites on your behalf.

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