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For Sponsors & CROs

At Cliniverse Research, we understand the intricacies involved in site selection. Our initial approach involves gathering your site selection criteria, geographic restrictions, required site capabilities, and PI qualifications tailored to your critical study requirements. We streamline this process for sponsors and CROs by presenting pre-screened sites that align closely with your needs.

Are you a Sponsor/CRO?

Tailored Solutions for Your Research Journey

Our committed study managers elevate the entire process by carefully addressing your study needs. They meticulously pinpoint the most fitting sites and accelerate proceedings by liaising with sites on your behalf, handling paperwork, scheduling site selection visits, and coordinating phone conversations with site personnel and PIs.


Cliniverse Research streamlines negotiations for a unified budget and contract across various sites, reducing administrative burdens and expediting processing times. This efficient approach preserves your time and eases administrative tasks, enabling you to concentrate on other trial activities.

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Therapeutic &
Geographic Reach

Our network includes over 350 clinical sites throughout the USA, providing experienced sites nationwide to meet diverse research requirements. These trial sites are strategically located across the United States, ensuring representation across various geographic regions, ethnicities, and races.

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Strategically streamlining multi-site budget negotiations

At Cliniverse Research, we specialize in managing negotiations for a unified budget and contract across multiple sites, effectively expediting the startup process for your trials. Our dedicated budgeting team is committed to providing prompt responses to your queries and diligently follows up with multiple sites on a regular basis.


This proactive approach ensures that budget negotiations proceed swiftly and smoothly. Furthermore, the Cliniverse team ensures that regulatory submissions are conducted concurrently, enabling both aspects to progress in tandem. By synchronizing these critical tasks, we streamline the process and promote an efficient and agile approach to conducting your trials. Trust Cliniverse Research to optimize the startup phase of your trials for maximum efficiency and success.

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Your Partner for Overcoming Study Hurdles

Cliniverse Research partners closely with sponsors and CROs across a diverse spectrum of studies, spanning from simple to intricate. When encountering hurdles like locating suitable sites for your complex studies or navigating constrained geographical areas, Cliniverse stands ready to assist you. Leveraging our extensive network and a range of Principal Investigators with diverse expertise, we will match you with investigators who have the necessary skills and proficiency to address the distinct challenges posed by your study.

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