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Join Our Network, Access Studies, and Receive Startup Trial Support with Cliniverse

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Enabling Site Participation in Clinical Trials at No Upfront Expense

At Cliniverse, we collaborate closely with leading sponsors and CROs to bring you the latest clinical trial opportunities at no initial cost to your site.


Our platform covers a wide range of therapeutic areas, ensuring that your Principal Investigator (PI) can find studies that align with their interests.

Seamless Trials: Cliniverse's Dedicated Liaison for Your Success

Embark on your trial journey with confidence, guided by Cliniverse's dedicated study manager. Serving as a vital link between you and the sponsor, our expert ensures seamless communication and collaboration. From initially presenting studies to ensuring thorough and effective submissions with all required details, they are committed to your success.

Our study manager remains by your side, providing ongoing support and advice throughout the paperwork process, ensuring submissions are prompt and precise. They excel in coordinating site selection visits and offer invaluable expertise in negotiating CTAs and optimizing budgeting to maximize your site’s profitability and rates. Trust Cliniverse to empower your research endeavors every step of the way.

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Navigating Trials: Cliniverse's Expert Budgeting Team

Benefit from our seasoned budgeting team, which has successfully negotiated hundreds of Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs) and budgets with diverse sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Leveraging our vast expertise, we strive to secure favorable costs for your site, ensuring optimal financial outcomes.

Our business model is straightforward, with no hidden costs. Through our Study Payment Agreement (SPAS), all financial terms are clearly outlined, leaving no room for surprises. Trust Cliniverse to uphold transparency and integrity in every aspect of our partnership.

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