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Investigators & Research Sites

In a clinical study, we will only be compensated if the site gets
reimbursed - this financial model is beneficial for all parties involved.
No Upfront Costs to Join Our Network 

A notable aspect of our SMO approach is that we do not impose any extra costs on our sites. If your site is selected to conduct a study, you will discuss a budget with Cliniverse. Cliniverse will then negotiate a budget with the sponsor on your behalf. Our compensation is based on the amount of value we can receive from the sponsor's budget which varies from project to project. Since the site is protected, the exchange is risk-free for both parties.

Cost-free Notifications About the Latest Clinical Trials Opportunities 

You will receive no-cost research opportunities that are aligned with your preferred therapeutic areas by our experienced business development team. Our committed study managers will collaborate closely with your site's personnel from the very beginning to guarantee a smooth launch and the best results possible.

Collaborations with Sponsors and CROs

Our business development department has longstanding connections to pharmaceutical companies and CROs. With the help of Cliniverse Research, your site will be promoted to potential sponsors and CROs, giving you an edge in the site selection process.

Negotiating Agreements and Setting Budgets

Our budgeting team has negotiated hundreds of CTAs and budgets with a wide variety of sponsors and CROs. With our extensive knowledge, we can negotiate favorable costs for your site.


Unlike many SMOs and study brokers, we are upfront about our business plan. Our services include NO SURPRISE COSTS. The Study Payment Agreement (SPAS) for the site specifies all of our financial terms.

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